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with Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers

"This healing program removes the source of the problem (un-healthy energy) and replaces it with "life-restoring energy"


Perhaps you know how the body heals. But if you do not, then some understanding of the energetics of healing is necessary in order to appreciate the power of this program.

Your body appears dense and even solid. Yet every part is, at its level of essence, all energy. And this energy is not stagnate, but moving and vibrating according to its unique pattern.

When there is an interruption in the flow of this energy, (due to negative thoughts, actions, and motivations, for example,) the body’s systems, organs, and physical cells lose some or much of their ability to perform their natural function. When the interruption is significant, dis-ease or illness shows up.

The Stillpoint Cellular Memory Release Healing Program is unique because it helps you change the environment that contributed to your illness or physical/ emotional/ spiritual problem. And, you work directly to heal the root cause of your situation under the guidance of a trusted intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, Meredith Young-Sowers.

An Overview of the 3 major components of this program

Part I – A 1-hour downloadable audio teaching in which Meredith walks you through an in depth understanding of these major elements:

  • How the process of healing/ transformation from dis-ease to wholeness can be accelerated by a new type of universal energy now present on the Earth
  • How you can avail yourself of this energy so you can let go of old outmoded memories and responses that have held you back from healing or realizing good health
  • What lives in each of your 7 major chakras (energy centers) that may be blocking your healing and also the positive forces that you need to activate to restore wholeness
  • How you can clear the blocks that have contributed to your becoming sick, in pain, or stressed out
  • How you can fill up your chakras and body systems with the most potent healing force in the Universe

Meredith is also your personal healer, taking you through the Cellular Memory Release & Replenishment Technique for clearing your heart chakra ( the most important chakra) and your solar plexus (the chakra region that governs your work/contribution in the world).

As a result you will experience first-hand the exponential healing power available to you when partnering with God and a trusted spiritual healer & teacher.

Part II – A second downloadable audio takes you on a journey to clear and replenish each of your 7 major chakras. You may also work with specific audio recordings that are just for individual chakras (total of seven additional 3-minute downloadable audios).

As your allow Meredith’s words and presence to wash away the stress and pain, you will feel a deep calm and inner peace fill your body. Healing will happen at the appropriate level for each person.

Here is what one individual experienced when Meredith performed the Cellular Memory Release in a live teleclass.

“My body was aching with pain from my arthritis when I began the healing session with Meredith. Twenty minutes later I got up and walked around without pain for the rest of the evening. I know this program can give me relief from pain and greatly help mitigate my suffering. Bless you, Meredith.”

You may choose to cleanse and replenish all 7 chakras or work on just one or two chakras. Choose the link that says “All 7 Chakras Cleansing & Replenishment” if you want to heal your entire physical body and energy system.

Choose the designated link for a specific chakra if you wish to focus on one or more individual energy centers (chakras). Refer to the Easy Reference Chart to select the most appropriate chakra(s) for healing a particular region, system, or organ of your body.

Part III. – Detailed instructions (downloadable PDF pages) for doing the Cellular Memory Release & Replenishment Technique and the Dark Star/White Star Visualization Exercise on yourself or others.

Program Cost = $75

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