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About Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers and her work:

Meredith is an expert in the field of integrative—or holistic healing. Her specialty is the role that our emotions and spiritual energy play in the healing process. Her focus on the body demonstrates how the disturbances in our physical health shed light on the same disturbances in our relationships. She helps people use the power of spiritual energy to refocus their healing around their own inner vitality and passion.

Meredith has spent her life developing an understanding of the movement of emotional and spiritual energy in the mind and the body. She has developed The Stillpoint Model of Life Healing that teaches people how healing happens through assisting the body by aligning thoughts, feelings and ways of living with their genuine nature and true inner goodness.

A well-respected and loved spiritual healer and teacher, Meredith creates amazing openings for healing in those with whom she works. She is the co-founder, along with her husband Errol, of the Stillpoint Foundation. She founded the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing as a way to share her in-depth understanding of healing with students from around the world who want to heal their own lives and discover more about ways to use their gifts and talents to assist others in their own healing and awakening.

The Stillpoint Foundation’s focus as a 501c3 public charity is to offer the ways and means for people to open to their own direct connection with Spirit in order to find the confidence and compassion for themselves and others to facilitate nothing less than a genuine and lasting global consciousness shift.

Meredith is a Doctor of Divinity who has used her own spiritual awakening as the basis to learn how healing can best be approached and accomplished in today’s world. People from all walks of life are helped in lasting ways and opened to their own bright inner light of inner knowing. The experiential practices that she takes participants through are both creative and truly transformative.

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