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Living Life as Your Soul Intended

Dr. Meredith L. Young-Sowers

Dr. Meredith L. Young-Sowers

Welcome-I'm so glad you're here. There is much goodness we can create for ourselves, each other and all other life.

Thirty-five years ago my life took a dramatic and unexpected turn. Through a profound spiritual opening I discovered a world of Divine Love I'd never known existed. I began to dialogue with a spiritual teacher of deep wisdom and love that continues until this day. The teachings, guidance and spiritual direction I receive are the basis of my life work that has changed my life and many others.

My deepest desire is to guide you in meaningful ways to help yourself-right where you are -in whatever circumstances you find yourself. The power of Divine Love flows through you as the powerful energy of the Universe -let me show you how to turn it on. Join me and other like-minded people around the world by becoming a Community Member of our Stillpoint Life Healing Network-IT'S FREE.

For more immediate and direct interaction and dialogue with me and others through audio and video teaching, choose Level 2, become an Inner Circle Member - living life as your soul intended.

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Enduring Gratitude

"Meredith, you have led me to a communion with Spirit, a beautiful community and a sense of love and joy I could never have imagined. Quite simply, you have given me back my life."

Camille M.

What a Blessing

"My time with Stillpoint has been such an awakening for it has brought me home. What a blessing my new-found knowledge is and what a joy to be a part of the Stillpoint family. Thank you for believing in me and for guiding me along this pathway."

Jane P

You Have Rekindled a Light

"Meredith, you have rekindled a light that had been lost so deep within I could not see it. You have brought God’s Presence in front of my eyes and in my heart in a permanent way, and I start my life all over again. Thank you Meredith for your loving guidance."

Denise W.

Awakened My Spirit

"You and your teachings have awakened my Spirit and transformed me in so many ways. I do believe that it is your love that makes the difference. Your love is constant and true, a guiding light. Thank you for enriching my journey."

Gini D.

Thank You for Helping Me

"I don’t have words to describe the gratitude I feel in my heart. Thank you for helping me know me and see me! I am loving myself more than I ever have. Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences of my life."

Sharon L.

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